Notaroo NMS App Now Available in Salesforce AppExchange

July 8, 2022

Notaroo NMS for Salesforce is now available.

This release makes the loan signing process easier to track, manage, and follow for lending institutions that are joint Salesforce and Notaroo customers. The app easily connects data between the two companies and removes friction for users through additional reporting capabilities and simpler access to data within the Salesforce platform.

Notaroo NMS for Salesforce is the first and only application that connects a user’s entire loan doc signing – to a Salesforce lead or contact. This makes it easy for organizations to track and manage the process and people involved, making it easier to close faster.

Furthermore it provides loan officers with a powerful solution to see where everyone from the notary to the borrower are as they move through the process. Notaroo NMS for Salesforce can drive ROI by directly optimizing doc signing in Salesforce. A prime example may be something like getting real-time updates on the status of your loan signing (ensuring loans fund on time).

By streamlining Notaroo with Salesforce, teams can be more efficient. One example: if a notary calls with an issue, the loan officer can easily see the entire experience the notary has had, and provide a more cohesive and personalized end-to-end journey.

With Notaroo NMS for Salesforce you can have a view of everything from opportunity creation to doc signing, to loan closing, leading to improved customer journeys.

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