Our Why

Notaroo exists to cultivate calm from the chaos of loan processing

What We Do

Notaroo’s solution was born out of the fractured experiences often encountered during the loan origination process. The frustration repeatedly felt by Notaroo’s founder over a 10+year career in mortgage lending was the catalyst for Notaroo’s valuable contribution – to improve communications, secure borrowers’ personal information, develop quality engagements between all key parties of a loan transaction and dramatically improve the borrowing experience for consumers. We’ve focused on the principle – human integration™ – in addition to technical integration with key partners on the banking, escrow, and signing agent sides of the lending process. Integrated communications and secure document transfers deliver timely updates and peace of mind to our clients, the signing agent and, most importantly, the borrower.​

Core Values

  • Cultivating Calm – Notaroo’s overarching value embodies the core principle that we bring to every engagement
  • Pursuing Unity – Deliberate and meaningful interactions are key to our success in fostering quality relationships with each other and our clients
  • Constant Curiosity – Never complacent nor satisfied with maintaining status quo in intellect or perspective
  • Figure It Out (Get It Done) – Tenacity and resourcefulness are what sets our team apart. Our collective will to solve problems and perform calmly under duress is our competitive advantage
  • Enjoy The Ride – Each team member and client is on a journey. We will be the difference by projecting joy and positivity with every interaction