Mortgage Pro Connect

Notaroo has your best interest in mind with each step of the loan origination process. Whether it’s a traditional mortgage, reverse mortgage or even attorney signings – we’ve got you covered with direct to notary advocacy and real-time updates on the signing process.


Notaroo is making the loan origination process streamlined for both applications and closings. With consistent communication and status updates, lenders, title companies and escrow now have real-time visibility and secure document transfers.​

Key Status Updates

With Notaroo’s best-in-class technology, we have the ability to bring workflow statuses, updates and issues to you in real time

Lender/Escrow Real-Time Visibility

We keep all parties instantly informed of everything that is occurring during your loan transaction. No more games of “telephone” and endless email forwarding.​

Secure Document Transfers

The secure transmission of a borrower’s private information is Notaroo’s paramount responsibility. We are making every document secure and visible only to the intended parties