Case Study

Equity Settlement Services

Service is of paramount importance in the title and escrow industry. This requires involvement in all aspects of the closing process to ensure success and sustainability. In the case of Equity Settlement Services (ESS), this has been their primary goal since the mid-80's when they were founded. The day came when their volume exploded practically overnight due to a major lender partnership. They were immediately forced to pivot and reassess their core competency. It was then that ESS founder, Chris Delisle and partners Peter Puleo and Barry Essig, determined it was time to source out their notary signing services to maintain their focus.


Equity Settlement Services

ESS, one of New York’s largest settlement service companies, oversees a wide array of clients, vendors and additional third parties. This, coupled with high volume and firm deadlines creates an intense climate. However, as one of the more innovative companies in this sector, their forward thinking has allowed them to weather severe market corrections, such as the 2008 financial crisis and, most recently, the Covid-19 pandemic.


Lack of Technology and Skilled Notaries to Handle Complex Reverse Signings

ESS needed a partner that valued customer-centric human and technology connectivity. Managing independent notaries meant that closing teams were required to stay engaged on things like re-schedules, changes in status and secure document transfers.
Additionally, expertise within attorney- signing states was needed to continue to service these unique situations according to their high standards.


33% of All Notary Signings Handled with Notaroo

ESS partnered with Notaroo due to their shared business model of accountability and results-oriented management practices. Peace of mind was found in the knowledge that they had a like- minded partner that valued communication, technical proficiency and an emphasis on the security of its shared client. Furthermore, Notaroo’s ability to supply Attorneys, even in the remote areas of the country, helped ensure the success of this partnership.